Friday, August 19, 2011

Scoop of the Century - A plea to the Arizona Daily Star Editor to do his job

What is wrong with your editorial staff? On August 16, 2011, I wrote a letter to the editor entitled “Solon Corp. cuts 60 manufacturing jobs in Tucson”. It was not deemed worthy to publish.
Day after day we read and listen to the President, members of Congress, candidates for President, the talk show hosts and columnists talking about jobs, jobs, and jobs. That word is the new buzzword being used to galvanize our people into voting for this or that candidate, or support one of the two major parries. Never or almost never do any of them talk specifics?
You search for all kinds of stories to put into print. The Solon decision should be assigned to your best investigative reporter, who then should drive out to the factory, take pictures, interview management and employees, contact top management which in this case is located in another country. Find out all the facts and then write a series of articles to shine light on what is happening all over the country. Soon, if nothing is done the only jobs left will be minimum wage jobs at McDonalds.
I spent my working life in manufacturing. It is a dog eat dog business. Every day you devote yourself and staff to find better ways of producing by lowering costs or increasing quality, or any of the many things needed to be competitive. In my day our community and our country were a part of that process. No more, only the bottom line.
Think about the process that resulted in the decision to take all the equipment off the floor, crate it, ship it and re-install thousands of miles away, then turn around and send the product back to Arizona for installation.
Think about the 60 employees who were making a reasonable wage, supporting their families, paying taxes, buying goods and services in our local economy. Now they will be added to the list of unemployed searching for jobs that no longer exist in America.
Vice President Biden is in China as I write this. I can assure you that nothing of importance will come out of his visit. I will also remind you that during the eight years of Bush the hemorrhage of jobs to China accelerated. China treats us like fools. They steal our jobs using every trick in the book including manipulating their currency to their advantage. All we do is ask for their kind indulgence. It is way past time to say enough and take tough, immediate action against China and the other countries taking our jobs and stand up for Americans and try to restore the American dream of a good life for our families.
How about it, won’t you do your job?
Jack B. Walters August 19, 2011

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