Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Chink in the Armor

Following the NATO Summit in Chicago last week, the newly elected French President Hollande advised President Karzai that effective the end of this year all French combat troops would leave Afghanistan. He would leave a few to orderly remove military equipment and trainers. This created consternation with the other NATO members. I welcome this break in unity of this cold war inanity. NATO has long ago ended its usefulness. The air war against Libya was mostly an American effort. Russia has long ago ceased being a threat to Europe. Continuing armed forces in Afghanistan only prolongs the inevitable. No matter how much treasure and blood we commit to it nothing will ever change for the better. They must decide on their own what kind of country they want to be. It is my fervent hope that other nations follow the example of France and the coalition dissolves in the process. Jack B. Walters May 26, 2012

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