Sunday, May 27, 2012

Metal Thefts in Tucson

Darren DaRonco, This note is in response to your article in the Arizona Daily Star 5/27/2012. It is astonishing to me the helplessness of law enforcement to solve any problem whether it is bank robberies, graffiti, drugs or metal thefts. All should be easily solved. As to metal theft, I have the following thoughts to share; If legislation is required then law enforcement should petition for change. If that is not the case then all places where scrap metal is purchased should be required to obtain the “real” address and name of the person selling. They should be required to state where the metal was obtained. Having staff review this information it should soon be easy to find who are routinely selling. If they are not legitimate contractors then their residences should be inspected. Perhaps surveillance could be used in the evenings to watch for traffic and tail the suspects. They devoted countless hours searching for the missing girl. That is, of course, important but so is theft on such a massive scale, $600,000 since January as stated in your report. Once found then throw the book at the perpetrators to send a clear message. I hope you will share these thoughts with the appropriate city officials. Yours Truly, Jack B. Walters

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