Thursday, May 10, 2012

Same Sex Marriage

I decided to go on record with my opposition to this issue. As of yesterday President Obama declared he is in favor of it. This followed Vice President Biden’s declaration a few days ago. The timing is incredible since North Carolina had just overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional Amendment to state that marriage is between a man and a woman. It was already a State law but they felt seriously enough about it to lock it in stone. Already Democrats are demanding that their convention site be moved out of Charlotte. I will follow this with amusement. The only thing positive about Obama’s statement is that he recognizes that this is a State issue. Most States have taken positions similar to N. C. While I have accepted civil unions since there appears to be many people in this country that prefer companionship with others of their same sex, I will not change my opposition to marriage. Show me somewhere, anywhere in a religious text where this was deemed acceptable. You can’t, because it is not there. I am a live and let live type of guy. If that is how they want to live I could care less, but to taint the sacredness of marriage is intolerable to me. The first time I hear that a marriage of this type is going to happen at a church I am supporting that will be my last day attending. As tolerant as I have tried to be in my life, this is the point of no return for me. I just thought you should know. Jack B. Walters May 10, 2012

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