Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How Pathetic

In today’s Star is a front page article that absolves Hillary Clinton on her lack of action for the Americans at the Benghazi Embassy who were attacked by a planned group of Muslim activists on 9/1/2012. The Congress spent $7 million and two years investigating. I call this pathetic because any thinking caring person who was alive at that time understood that when Hillary, Obama, Rice and Petraeus went public stating it was a response to a video that they were attempting to mollify the Arab Muslim world. I took the time to watch that video. It was amateurish in the extreme. The dumbest thing I’ve ever watched. One week later Obama apologized in a United Nations speech for the video. Our government spent thousands in Arab newspapers apologizing. All of the above were blatant lies to support Obama’s claim that he had defeated el Qaida several months before the election that continued him in office. The attack continued for 13 hours. No attempt by our military was initiated. Of course no one could predict how long it would be. My position was so what, make an attempt whether successful or not. To abandon these Americans was disgraceful. Clinton and Obama have weakened our military in many ways, in my opinion deliberately. You might ask why. My answer is because neither of them believes that America should be the leader we once were and may never be again. How tragic that for the most parts this is not understood by Americans. If they did they would not be supporting Clinton to be our next President. Jack B. Walters June 29, 2016

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