Friday, June 3, 2016

The Confessions of Congressman X by; Robert Atkinson

I ordered this book before it was even printed. It came in the mail today. It is 5x8x1/4. I received a discounted cost of $8.96. The print is large on 65 pages. It took me 20 minutes to read. I believe the whole thing is a scam to suck small change from those of us who still care about our country and desperately want government reformed to provide the leadership so obviously missing today. I found nothing new except that it was stated as fact, where people like me so far removed from the process can only assume, based on the reality of the lack of progress we hope to see. We hear fine words like “Reform the Income Tax” while there is never any action taken in that regard. I can accept and believe that these were the words of a Congressman. We all know, or at least, should know that what is described is how Congress functions today and has for many years now becoming more and more disconnected with reality and what could and should be done to get us going again. The ease of buying Congress was only exaggerated by the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United when any restrictions on the use of money were lifted. He estimates that the 2016 elections for President and Congress will exceed $10 Billion dollars. He is a Democrat but could just as easily have been a Republican. On a 60 Minute program a month ago Congress was exposed on fund raising. There are actually two buildings located near the Capitol dedicated to the raising of funds to support the candidates and their party. It was reported that they were duty bound to spend four hours each day calling and asking for money. I wonder if the tax payers paid for the construction of these buildings. The essence of the book was how easy it is to dupe the Public. Most have little knowledge of government. It is my belief that Civics, as we were taught in my day, is no longer considered important to teach the youth of today. I will claim the same for American history. Instead of holding those great men in high esteem, the children are told they were slave holders and therefore not worthy of respect. Is it any wonder therefore that they have little respect for how this great country evolved over the Centuries? That is why it was so easy to remove President Andrew Jackson from our currency and replace with a female (any female). Thirteen years ago when my son installed a computer for me to use, I started writing. First was my biography closely followed by what I refer to as my “Angry Man” books. I researched the best I could, read numerous serious books and wrote what I felt would be received as information that could be used if multiplied by those reading and sharing. There is no question I am a complete failure. The only way I could reach anyone was to give the books away to as many as I thought might be interested. Books sold are less than your finger digits. I am not even convinced that most who were given even read other than skimming. The nut of it is that I am not going to report on the content of this book as it would be of no use. Buy it and read for yourself if interested. You will not find anything that you should not know yourself if you are in the least interested in your country and its future. Jack B. Walters June 3, 2016

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