Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Tragedy-June 12, 2016

I waited until I heard President Obama speak this morning before putting thoughts to paper. Once again he failed the American people by not clearly identifying the shooter Omar Mateen as an ardent Muslim who just before shooting called 911 and declare his support for ISIS. Starting with Fort Hood which Obama referred to as workplace violence, he has never been able to add Muslim or Islam to the many tragedies occurring in our country and around the world on a continuing basis. By doing so, in my opinion, he encourages other disciples of the Muslim faith to carry out their own initiatives. By the way Hillary could not and would not use those words either in her debates. If you are satisfied with this level of leadership then by all means vote for her. Another eight years of denial and it will be all over for us as the nation we once were and still could be. Jack B. Walters

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