Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Yesterday Hillary Clinton was nominated at the Democrat Convention as the person they chose to become President of the United States. The same day I went to a theater to see the movie Hillary which was produced by Dinesh D’Souza. He is the same person who produced 2016-Obama’s America which was released just before the election in 2012. That one was devastating for Obama. I urged friends and family to see it but am sure no one did. I will ask again for you to see this one. Mr. D’Souza was convicted of contributing more money to a candidate than the law allowed at the time. How ridiculous that was with the billions being spent today. He was sentenced to eight months in prison and required to perform community service for five years thereafter. He is convinced it was retribution for producing that film. The movie opens with the court case, his time in prison and what he learned from being with criminals. After that he documents the racist history of the Democratic Party from its inception. I believe it was factual. The part I didn’t agree with was his portrayal of Andrew Jackson as a mean slave holder who punished slaves viciously and took slave girls to bed. I have read a number of books about him and that was never brought to light. Jackson was, of course, responsible for the “Trail of Tears” episode which was shameful. We all must agree there were any number of things that occurred which we cannot be proud of as our country grew to its present size. I am adding an attachment to this letter. In my last published book, “An American History Lesson and a Wake Up Call for America”, there is a book report “Setting the Record Straight- American History in Black and White” I urge you to re-read. It could have been the basis for the movie as it covers much of the same material. Interesting that the NRA tried to give blacks the right to own guns when the Democratic Legislatures prohibited blacks from ownership. Not one Democrat voted for the XIV Amendment. In 1893 under Democrat Grover Cleveland his Democratic majority attempted to repeal the XIII and XIV Amendments. There were enough Republicans to prevent it. The KKK was synonymous with the Democrat Party. They also were responsible for Jim Crow Laws. Truman desegregated the military; as a result many Southern Democrats revolted forming the Dixiecrat Party. Eisenhower tried to pass civil rights legislation but faced stiff opposition from Democrats. Kennedy tried but was assassinated before he could help black Americans. Johnson did but reluctantly. To listen to the speakers professing their love and support for blacks is outrageous to me after their several hundred years of doing everything possible to keep them in their place. Finally he gets to Hillary and Bill. He follows them as young college people till today. The nefarious schemes and cover-ups are so distasteful that it left me in disbelief that so many of my friends and family still believe a vote for her is the right thing to do. Just to complete this effort I am also attaching my book report which was printed in my third book “Still Angry” entitled “Her Way” The hopes and dreams of Hillary Rodman Clinton. I request you go to the theater and learn for yourself. Jack B. Walters July 27, 2016

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