Friday, July 8, 2016

Obama did it again

I listened to Obama’s concerned speech from Warsaw yesterday and predicted to myself the probable outcome. It occurred yesterday in Dallas with five police officers dead. There was a demonstration by blacks about police killings’ in Minnesota and Louisiana. I contend that he has fanned the flame of racism throughout his tenure as President starting with the Black Professor trying to enter his own home. Obama said something to the effect that police can be stupid. The policeman was there after receiving a concerned call by a neighbor that people were breaking into a home. His reaction after Fergusson triggered a massive review of police departments all across the country, do doubt costing millions and diverting police from fighting crime to being re-educated whether they needed it or not. Two days ago he called on American law enforcement to root out bias in its ranks and said all Americans should be troubled by frequent shootings of blacks and Hispanics, insisting that fatal incidents in Minnesota and Louisiana are not isolated. He said all this while out of the country. He could not have had information on what triggered the shootings since investigations are being conducted. It was his typical knee jerk reaction whenever something like this occurs. Therefore I hold him directly responsible for the loss of lives of these five policemen in Dallas who just happened to be white. Jack B. Walters July 8, 2016

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