Friday, July 15, 2016


I went to my old copy of Webster’s Dictionary to see what they said it was. There are a number of ways to describe radical but none were called radicalized. As to radical, it mentions reaching to the principles, fundamental, extreme, etc. I am writing this out of disgust with the news media that are afraid of offending a religious sect, i.e. Islam. Hundreds mowed down by a 31 year old Muslim from Tunisia. They search for some connection to ISIS or al Qaeda so that they can make us all agree to destroy these radicals, after which the world will be safe from harm. While I am one who believes these groups should be dealt with as harshly as possible, none-the-less I am convinced that these groups are only the most visible and that believing Muslims as a group are dedicated to the overthrow of secular governments like ours and other Western Countries. This is a long time war. The most radical are those who do as this man did. The rest do their part by pumping out babies knowing that sooner or later they will be in control of the whole world. By the way Wikipedia defines al Qaeda as a Sunni Islamic Global Organization which believes that killing non-combatants is religiously sanctioned with the goal to destroy secular governments and replace with Sharia Law. Obama and Clinton refuse to accept, in fact neither did Bush, the President who allowed Bin Laden’s huge family to fly out of our country when none of the rest of us could get on an airplane after 9/11. He, as well as the other two keep preaching the falsehood that Islam is a peaceful belief system. How many more tragedies like we are witnessing on an increasing frequency, will it take for the World Leaders to face up to the challenge and destroy those like ISIS and re-educate Muslims to accept that theirs is not the only belief system to be allowed to exist. As Americans we believe in freedom of religion. Muslims are dedicated to destroy all who believe otherwise. They cannot be allowed to use our Constitution to force their system onto the rest of us. Jack B. Walters July 15, 2016

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