Saturday, July 9, 2016

Patricia McKnight’s Response to my Benghazi article of 7/2/2016 “Setting the record straight on Benghazi”

Her letter was well written. It showed she had attempted to do research. It did not however set the record straight as you titled her letter. I typed in to Google “Why no response at Benghazi.” There were reports from many sources; Wikipedia, AND Magazine, Judicial Watch, Politico and many others. You certainly have staff capable of checking as easy as I did. The sum total is wrapped around the e-mail from a Mr. Bash which stated assets were ready to go on confirmation. The order was never given. WHY ???? Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf stated firmly that it was a planned attack not a response to the video. The why Stevens was even in Benghazi seems to be to co-ordinate shipment of arms to Syrian rebels. This was never confirmed. Contrary to Mrs. McKnight conclusion that assets were too far away doesn’t jibe with comments from these articles. Gunships or Jet fighters could have been sent and would have stopped the continuing attack. I never stated that anything could have been done from Washington to save Ambassador Stevens but could have stopped the attack on the annex where many Americans were under attack. Jack B. Walters July 9, 2016

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