Monday, July 25, 2016

Letter to the editor-Arizona Daily Star

You guys are working too hard to defeat Trump and get us to vote for Clinton. I don’t know about others but your strategy is not hard to detect. Just today the Editorial page was completely full of condemnation of Trump, the cartoon, Joel Mathis, Ben Boychuck and Leonard Pitts. This follows day after day and I assume you will not stop trying to scare the voters until the November elections. This time I am confident that Americans are savvy enough not to be indoctrinated by you or all the rest of the Liberal leaning media. We have had it with a system that just doesn’t work anymore for the rank and file of our country. That is the reason that no matter what Trump says that may offend us under no circumstances can we allow Clinton back into the White House. She is corrupt in so many ways it is impossible to count. Just as the British people did recently in taking the step to get out from under the dictates of the European Union, we are desperate to regain our rights as tax paying citizens. Jack B. Walters July 25, 2016

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