Thursday, September 13, 2007

Assault on Reason

The Assault on Reason
Al Gore

I have just finished reading Al Gore’s new book entitled, “The Assault on Reason”. It is a forceful attempt by him to point out the danger to our way of life by the chipping away of the original documents that laid the foundation of our American democratic republic. It is not an easy book to read. He includes deep thinking theories about how fear and falsehoods are swaying the voting patterns of most Americans.
He compares the Bush, Cheney scare speeches with Roosevelt’s admonishment that all we need to fear is fear itself. At appropriate times the danger color is put out to alert us that we are in imminent danger and therefore should place our complete faith in Mr. Bush to protect us.
He itemizes all of the drastic policies of Bush, Cheney; such as eavesdropping on our conversations over the telephone, e-mails, and books we read. Bush declares his right to hold persons without the benefit of our legal system, actively promotes torture as a national right ignoring all aspects of the Geneva Convention, deceived Americans that Saddam Hussein was responsible for Sept. 11. Fifty percent still believe this. The powerful onslaught of he and his administration that the mushroom cloud was imminent persuaded Congress and the public that he should attack Iraq before it was too late.
He points out how big money interests have taken control over the election process and how much time our elected officials spend pursuing contributions instead of debating the issues or even reading bills before voting on them. On C Span we see orators emoting without anyone there to hear or debate.
He is frustrated that Bush stands behind big oil to the detriment of our fragile earth and refuses to exert leadership on the global warming issue nor will he take any steps to break our dependence on OPEC.
As I stated at the beginning, this is not any easy book to read but if you care as I do you will take the time. My copy is available. Just let me know.

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