Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Idea that is America

The Idea That Is America
Keeping faith with our values
In a dangerous world
By: Anne-Marie Slaughter

As my readers understand, I have been on a multi-year struggle to understand the world we live in and to try to think of ways to preserve and enhance all life forms and the world itself. To that end I read vociferously books from all points of view. I usually fall back in confusion as ideas tend to cancel out other ideas I felt pertinent. This book is so coherent, reasonable and simple to understand that I must give it my highest recommendation as a must read book by those who care as I do. I will go so far as to believe it should be a required course of study at the High School level. The premise is such that it would promote quiet debate rather than the strident discourse we live with on a daily basis.
She devotes specific chapters to; Liberty, Democracy, Equality, Justice, Tolerance, Humility, Faith.
It might seem as if these would all blend in without being entities unto themselves but she proves capable, and after each chapter a better understanding of each emerges after which in her conclusion she ties them all together.
She may offend readers as she is very critical of the current administration and its arrogant attitude towards the world community with the assertion, “You are either with us or against us”, and the other “We are on a Crusade” which implies a holy war. She warns that forsaking basic values in our Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to confront terrorists only assures that the bad guys win as even Benjamin Franklin stated that if we are willing to give up rights out of fear then we have lost our rights.
She doesn’t confide her criticism to one administration; she traces problems throughout our history, issues such as denying women and minorities or groups of immigrants or religions other than Protestant, from enjoying the blessings of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
We desperately need to search for leaders who will reassure our citizens and the citizens of the world that we still believe in our core values and demonstrate leadership towards improving life for all. What a great world we could have if we could be the “Beacon on the Hill” we once stood for. READ AND BE INSPIRED.
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September 20, 2007

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