Thursday, September 13, 2007

Intercepter missle installation in the Czech Republic

Another useless project from the current leadership in America

We learn this week that the United States is deploying interceptor missiles and radar systems in the Czech Republic and Poland. We are told this is necessary because of threats of nuclear missiles from Iran and North Korea. Russia reacted negatively as they perceive this as a threat to their own country and may suspend the arms control treaty.
As we continue expanding our world wide military bases in these former satellite countries next to Russia I believe that eventually there will be serious backlash and that these countries will suffer severe consequences such as occurred this past winter with the cutoff of natural gas. Russia is certainly capable of retaliating in other ways as well including the use of their military.
We already possess enormous nuclear weapons which would be unleashed against any nation foolish enough to use them against us. The most serious threat is from the Islamic extremists. Once they obtain these weapons they will use them against us. When they do there will not be a nation for us to hit back.
What we should have learned by now in Iraq and Afghanistan is that our conflict is not against a country but rather against radical Islamists. All the missile and radar sites in the world will not deter them. We, together with the rest of the nations who are threatened should devote our collective resources to wipe out these mad men. We must strike them wherever they are in the world without mercy or the civilized world as we know it will cease to exist. In the meantime we continue to bleed our country financially, building systems here and there that would have been helpful in the past but no longer.

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April 27, 2007

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