Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Iron Horse- Lou Gehrig's story

Iron Horse
Lou Gehrig in his time
By Ray Robinson

My reading in recent years usually pertains to heavy issues. I took a breather when I spotted this book at the Public Library. Lou died in 1941. I would have been 13 at the time so I can’t really claim to have known all about him but I was a baseball enthusiast and knew about the Yankees, the Dodgers and Giants. Regardless of my knowledge, this book brought back memories and filled in the many blank spaces with the full story of this man’s life. His life and others like him in those years are completely different from the prima donnas of today. Their pay was miniscule in comparison. They truly played for the love of the game.
Lou didn’t smoke, drink or play around. He spent all of his energy trying to become a better player. His work ethic was outstanding during his never to be bested playing streak of 2,130 games. During that streak he often played with broken fingers and other serious injuries that would keep average players on the bench.
I have nearly given up interest in professional sports today. Hardly a day goes by without some new revelation of a player or manager committing some offense. The brutality also lessons for me the fine points of sports.
I hope that someone of you will try to get a copy to read for yourself. It is not only a well written sports story but even if you have never been a sports fan you can enjoy reading about a person who strove to succeed and excelled at his chosen profession.

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