Thursday, September 13, 2007

The New American Story

The New American Story
By Bill Bradley

This is a New York Times best seller book written by a former Senator and Presidential candidate. It is extremely well done in my opinion probably because many of the issues discussed were enumerated in my own book, “The Last Angry Man”. The difference is that he was involved while I was a distant observer and he has name recognition while I am a no body as far as the reading public is concerned. I can’t even get the Arizona Star to review it. They were given two copies in early February and to date it has not been reviewed.
I highly recommend reading by those who still care and believe that we can once again be a great country. He doesn’t pull any punches. He, as I want our country to pull back from using our military as the first attempt to resolve the earth’s problems. He believes that universal health care for our citizens is absolutely necessary and doable. He wants us to be energy independent. He wants decisions made for the good of all not just the current party in power regardless of which party. He, as a Democrat, wants the party to return to being the party of the people not big business.
You will be interested in the two chapters entitled,” Why Republicans Can’t” and “Why Democrats Don’t”. They contain a history of both parties from the beginning and the forces that shape their decisions.
I have loaned out my copy. I am sure it is available at your public library.

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